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Dinghy "Vaurien"
The draft dinghy "Vaurien" was developed in 1952 by the famous designer Jean Jacques Herbulot at the request of the navigation center in Glenanne, which required a small sailing vessel for training purposes. Watch it here

Ordering was easy and cheap to ship, uncomplicated to use and most importantly able to go to sea. And "Vaurien" fully meets these requirements. After six or seven years, more than 4,500 new type of yacht sailed in the French, Belgian and Swiss waters.

To draft dinghy "Vaurien" I've looked for a long time. This project is really very interesting and could be promising in Russia. But all did not work to start building. And finally in 2007 I had a chance to build "Vaurien" to order.

When I started work, the drawings used, are published in No. 38 of the magazine "Boats and Yachts". They were accurate enough, but for the construction of the boat their was not enough. Had to draw a life-size plazas, on it to test, agree upon a line and to find missing dimensions. Also it took no time to go to the Class Rules "Vaurien".

In 2014 was postroen and successfully tested our new Dinghy project "Chizh-4". In fact, it is a successful attempt of creating a sport Dinghy, which by many standards would be better "Vaurien".
Learn more about "Chizh-4" watch and read HERE.

And finally, the finished work is a ship fully built and you can float him on the water.

The Dinghy was decided to carry on tests on a conventional trailer behind a car. Since the trailer is short, it had to come to terms with the fact that stern played in the back of the trailer by 1.45 m. Plus another 20 cm on the back were the mast (mast length 6.3 m), which had to be put on the hull top. And here in this position, the Dinghy drove twenty kilometers to the place of launching.

Already on the shore of the reservoir, the three of us carefully removed the hull of the Dinghy from the trailer and decided to first test it under oars. And I must say that this ship pretty easily on the oars alone, the feed absolutely does not pull the water. But when the boat sat in the stern a second man was rowing a little harder, but quite satisfactory. On a small wave boat-well played. The case has been very stable - you can have it full length to move in the aft and nose.

That day the wind speed 4-6 m/s. sail, while the boat is still on shore. Away from the coast, when the pressure of the wind. Waste first time - captain pushed the boat from the shore, jumped into it, while the sailors lowered the centerboard, took the sheets and... forward!!!

Already on the move under the sails begin to learn a new Dinghy. The weight of our crew 115-120 kg Accelerates "Vaurien" pretty quickly. The course is soft. Lurching Dinghy is not much, even in the gusts have time to move to the deck. "Runs" under sail it is very fast. The wave behaves perfectly. Even something that is strange, since the hull is flat-bottomed. But this design features "Vaurien" even start to forget. In other words, this boat goes even better than you might think, looking at her inverted body. The designer Jean-Jacques Arbelo created an excellent Dinghy with the most simplified in the construction of housing.

Later, I tried it on to walk alone (steering weight 65 kg). In the wind up to 6 m/s could easily carry full sail, otkrenivat Dinghy in sports. Here, even in this wind the wind turns on it to do much easier and safer than "Finn".

Testing all of their new boats on stability I try to be with the revolution of the vessel. And this project was no exception. In the beginning I specifically tried to turn the boat, and that it was hard - so stable proved its case. But on the third attempt reluctantly leeward Board went under water and the sails touched the water. I myself stand on the mast, repelled by it and turn the outer part of the windward side. Notice that only the overturned 90 degrees, the body has no tendency to further turning. Notice that the mast (hollow) were glued spruce. And on the contrary, you only need small effort to get the Dinghy started to return to normal position.

Easily crawl into the boat. In case you have too much water the transom is at the water level, but the bow of the boat high above it. But it would be nice in the rear to add 2 small side of the block of buoyancy. But if you go to the area svetovogo well, you can gradually with the help of a bailer to drain the vessel without going ashore. In General, when pumping water the sails I lowered the barrel of about 4 m/s. The Dinghy filled hull is very stable "sitting" in the water - are not required specifically to try to keep the balance. And even water-filled casing "Worgen" able to go sailing. If you install special hatches on the transom, it could be fast enough to drain the case on the go.

In conclusion, I can confirm that "Worgen" good for beginner Dinghy sailors. Its main advantage - it is quite simple to build the case. Case, whereby the boat turns stable, seaworthy, easy to manage, even able glissirovat in fresh air. But the project has found a moment, which complicates the construction, transportation and storage of boats for novice sailors. The fact that the length of the mast is 6.3 m. find a Board without knots a total length of 6.5 m in our time very difficult. About it in the journal "cue" nothing was said. Although it would be better to buy a mast from aluminium or to order it from the manufacture in a special firm.

P.S. Question: what is the difference "Vaurien" from centerboard yacht "Chizh-2"? "Worgen" differs from the Dinghy "Chizh-2" type and hull design is more a speed boat and he is able glissirovat under favorable conditions. Therefore, the "Worgen" is more suitable for training and participation in sailing races. But it is not advisable to overload the stern. "Chizh-2" is better suited for learning and for Hiking, especially on those water bodies where there is a high and short wave - for this he has the bow transom. This is a more relaxed, family Dinghy. In other words, this polar 2 project for novice boaters - if someone something does not appeal to one may appeal to another.

P.S. P.S. "Our response to "Vaurien" In 2014 was postroen and successfully tested our new Dinghy project "Chizh-4". In fact, it is a successful attempt of creating a sport Dinghy, which by many standards would be better "Vaurien". Learn more about "Chizh-4" watch and read HERE.

The basic data of the dinghy "Vaurien"

  • Length.......................................4,10
  • Width........................................1,47
  • Board height...............................0,47
  • Weight......................................95 kg
  • Crew .....................................2-3 people
  • Sail area..................................8,1 sq.

Photos of construction dinghy "Vaurien"
Dinghy Vaurien Dinghy Vaurien Dinghy Vaurien Dinghy Vaurien

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